BREATHE DAH – Matt Harloff

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Arguably the most important educational video for your program … the secret behind CrownBRASS which can be applied to any level of ensemble is Breathe DAH.  Learn about the program created by DCI Hall of Fame members Donnie VanDoren & Jim Prime … the masterminds behind the Garfield Cadets & Star of Indiana.  Watch CrownBRASS in action as they work to master this technique program that helps them create that standard setting clarity in performance.  Learn from the CrownBRASS staff, receive explanations taken straight from the marching band methods book: Inside the Circle: A Proven Method for a Successful Marching Band.   Learn from Matt Harloff as he gives a video analysis of Breathe DAH & learn what to watch and listen for as well as receive rehearsal ideas for your program.


PURCHASE Method Book: Inside the Circle: A Proven Method for a Successful Marching Band

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