Drill Writers Design Forum #2 – Jamey Thompson and Mitch Rogers

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Drill Writers Design Forum #2 - Jamey Thompson and Mitch Rogers

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Jamey Thompson and Mitch Rogers have written great drill at the highest level!  They can help you do your best work ever this year!  Topics include their workstation and monitor set-up, favorite Pyware tools, how they schedule their work each season and each day, ideas for getting past creative roadblocks, dealing with difficult clients, and memories of some of their favorite drill work.

Jamey has designed for numerous marching bands, winter ensembles, and drum corps including the Phantom Regiment, Madison Scouts, Glassmen, Empire Statesmen, and Connecticut Hurricanes.  Mitch's innovative designs have won championships in many states and five countries, including the Cavaliers, Bluecoats, Troopers, and Aimachi.

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  • Jamey Thompson and Mitch Rogers
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