Paul and Sandi Rennick – Pre-Season Training: The Season Begins

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WATCH NOW!  This webinar was recorded on May 17, 2017. 

Two master educators in the world of percussion share their expertise as Paul and Sandi Rennick discuss how they prepare for the upcoming DCI season.  Recorded just days before 2017 Spring Training begins with the Santa Clara Vanguard, Paul and Sandi discuss how they prepare for the beginning of the season, pre-season rehearsal techniques, and early season development of the percussion ensemble.  Topics include the amount of time spent on technique vs. music, how Paul creates short exercises for specific goals for the performers, how they teach for sound instead of technique, how they write the music….(which comes first, the battery parts or the front ensemble music), how Sandi achieves such nuance and clarity in her writing, and they even discuss some of their favorites show and performances through the years.

Watch a six minute Excerpt from this Webinar and a second excerpt 

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  • Paul and Sandi Rennick - Pre-Season Training: The Season Begins
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