CIRCLE DRILL – Spring Training – Matt Harloff

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WATCH NOW!CIRCLE DRILL – Spring Training Welcome to part 1 of a progressive series from Inside the CrownBRASS circle.  The intention of these videos is to show progress throughout a season not from the performance but from rehearsals.  These videos will give you access to rehearsals from the beginning of the season as well as middle and end of the season.  If you are NOT familiar with the exercise Circle Drill, these videos are for you.  Watch CrownBRASS in rehearsal all season and see the progress from spring training throughout the year and into finals week.  Learn from the CrownBRASS staff, receive explanations taken straight from the marching band methods book: Inside the Circle: A Proven Method for a Successful Marching Band. Watch Matt Harloff give a video analysis of the circle drill & learn what to watch & listen for as well as receive rehearsal ideas for your program.”I just watched  the Inside The Circle Videos presented by the Carolina Crown Brass. What an excellent resource for band directors! Great material, presented in a detailed, easy to understand way that can easily transfer to bands at all levels. I look forward to applying these ideas and concepts to my own band. Thank you!” – Mike Back, Fine Arts Department Chair / Director of Bands, Walton High School, Marietta, GAPURCHASE Methods Book: Inside the Circle: A Proven Method for a Successful Marching BandSee all videos from Carolina Crown 2017 Spring TrainingSee more great videos from Matt HarloffUpon Registration you will immediately be able to watch this exclusive video from Matt Harloff.Get $10 off using coupon code “First to the 50.”