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Take your personal brand to the next level! Marching Arts Education is a place where YOU can share your own expertise with the world. We offer you a platform to record and release the information you have to share. Create videos, recording yourself talking to the camera about any topic you’re passionate about, teaching or demonstrating with students, or talking with a colleague about a vital topic.  Present live webinars which are viewed live and then available as a recorded video later.  We can also help you create coursework, presenting a course on a topic that our activity needs!  We provide the infrastructure, a platform to help you create and distribute the information you have to share, helping you to build your brand, increase your visibility, release your expertise into the world.

Best of all, experts receive 75% of all income made from materials on our site!  Build your brand and increase your personal income.

Flashy production values matter much less than the quality of the information you have to share. Make your voice heard and do your part to help the activity.  Share your area of expertise with an audience that is eager to learn what you have to offer. There are no rules about length or content, just make it valuable to someone!  We will help you share your expertise with the world!

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Add your business to our website to reach the motivated marching arts educators who will be visiting this site.

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RESOURCES: Include your business in our Resources area.  Businesses will be listed by category and you will have the eyes of motivated professionals in our activity.  Best of all, your business can be listed at no charge for the first 6 months of our site’s release!  CONTACT US for more information.