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Virtual Clinics

Imagine having our activity’s top designers, directors, and instructors give you direct and actionable feedback about YOUR show and YOUR group!

Having an expert attend a rehearsal in person is preferable, but if this is not possible for your group, have one of the EXPERTS at Marching Arts Education and ColorGuardEDU give you personalized suggestions and solutions to improve your show and performance.

Take your group to the next level by giving them the advantage of advice from EXPERTS at the very top of our activity!

Virtual Clinics where Marching Band Experts review Marching Band Competition Show Videos for Band Directors Online with Marching Arts Education

It’s as easy as sharing a video!

Share a video of a show performance, warm-up block, equipment or basics block, brass rehearsal, or anything else that you want to receive actionable feedback on or improve. The EXPERT will watch the video and create an audio recording of their feedback, reacting in real time. Unlike a judge’s tape, the expert can stop your video to take time to explain an idea fully, even rewinding to watch something again and give you the full benefit of their expertise.

Sign up for 1, 2 or 3 interactions by choosing an Expert from the list below of those available.

You’ll receive feedback within 48 hours.*

All interactions happen through Submit a link to an online location of your video. (Private YouTube link, Dropbox location…) The audio recording from the expert will be posted to our website in a special location that only you can access.

IMPORTANT: If ordering more than one virtual clinic with more than one expert, please place each order separately.  We can accept purchase orders for these and can send one invoice to you, but each order needs to be entered into our system separately.

*NOTE: Some of our experts travel internationally and have great demands on their time. If you submit a request and the expert is perhaps flying to Tokyo or in the middle of a major clinic, the response may be delayed. In this case we will contact you and give you the option of receiving the input slightly delayed OR choosing a different expert. You can make the decision based on your time frame and needs!

Multiple interactions must occur within the same performance season.
“First to the 50” Coupon Code cannot be used with Virtual Clinics.

Expert Interaction

  • Expert will review One Video

2x Expert Interactions

  • Expert will review Two Videos

3x Expert Interactions

  • Expert will review Three Videos

EXPERTS available to help you today:

  • Ron Hardin – Carolina Crown Visual Caption Supervisor
  • Scott Chandler – Program Coordinator and Choreographer for The Blue Devils
  • Stephanie Chavez – Color Guard Caption Head for Phantom Regiment
  • Tim Fairbanks – Percussion – Program Coordinator for Rhythm X
  • Tim Hinton – Maximizing Effect / Show Design/ Music Arranging / Drill Design
  • Tim Newburn – Visual Coordinator for the Phantom Regiment