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About Marching Arts Education

Marching Arts Education and ColorGuardEDU were created to provide trusted information from experts at the very top of our activity.  The site offers videos, webinars, coursework, and resources on vital topics to help everyone in our activity be more successful and enjoy their experience more.  Take your group to the next level by making yourself more knowledgeable and valuable.  Information you can trust from experts who have a proven record of success!

From Tim Hinton

I see myself as a facilitator, helping share information from experts in the marching arts with those who so desperately need it.  After over six years producing the Marching Roundtable podcast, I am excited to get to share the knowledge of those at the very top of our activity in this video format.  I am always impressed and heartened that the most successful designers and instructors in our community are so willing to share their expertise.  We all understand how much the marching arts has impacted our lives and we want everyone to do better.  We want all students to have the best experience possible, learning skills and attitudes that will serve them well throughout their entire life.  It is our hope that this resource will impact the lives of many directors, instructors, designers, parents, and marching members.  Contact Tim

From Courtney Allyson Mills

Growing up in the pageantry world, I was fortunate to experience great teachers, designers, and organizations. I didn’t realize it then, but I was collecting information about what it meant to be a skilled performer, a sturdy teammate, and in turn, a true educator.

Color Guard is a place of acceptance. This is what my life experience in the pageantry world has taught me. When we are in our adolescence, we are searching for a sense of self, a sense of belonging, and something to take nerdy ownership of. In a scholastic program, the average performer spends 5-7 hours a week with each of their academic teachers and sometimes more than 20 hours each week with their color guard director and teammates.

Plain and simple, we make a difference. We are teaching life skills; responsibility, accountability, recovery, confidence, respect, self-actualization, and how to work with peers. We are helping to shape our students lives and, to me, we are all under-qualified for this task.

Our only source of education in our world is through our eyes, our ears, and our body. We watch, hear, and feel our way to our own philosophies, choreography, and ideals. Some of us banter about different techniques and different approaches, but most of us banter about old war ‘stories’ that involve a learning moment. Yes. Those crazy memories stuck with you for a reason. They were pivotal moments in your experience that helped shaped who you are. Right. Now. Whether that moment was miserable or grand, it affected you and you can ‘feel’ that moment in your bones right now.

To me – the people behind those memories are the ones who shape us. And that is why I am so passionate about creating a platform for all of us, to gain as much information as we possibly can. We can be the ‘grand moment’ that our students remember. We can help shape this whole activity by working on ourselves. But most importantly, we can make a difference to that one student who desperately needs to belong, to be loved, to be pushed, and to be shown that they DO have a place… because not so long ago, that was us.

This is why I created ColorguardEDU. I am beyond excited to facilitate conversations and webinars with some of our activities most successful educators, designers, and directors. And I’m humbled that you are joining us.  Contact Courtney