Marching Arts Education presents courses designed to help you take your group to the next level.  Our Marching Arts Professionals will guide you through the process of design, technique, ethics, and other helpful topics.  Enter your next season with more confidence knowing you are equipped with the tools you need!

Scott Chandler Design Advice from FWD March

Improve your skills and success by learning directly from the Marching Arts’ most successful designer!  Scott Chandler, the program coordinator and choreographer for The Blue Devils, walks you through the process of design, sharing practical information to make YOU more successful.

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Ethics and Risk Management

This 2 hour course contains essential information for directors and instructors about Boundaries and Interactions with Minors, Social Media and Texting, Duty to Report, Documentation, and Bullying & Hazing.  This course also includes another 90 minutes of supplemental materials on Youth Development, Discipline, and Fiduciary Responsibilities.   The course is designed by Shelba Waldron, a specialist in Youth Development, who is joined by specialists including a lawyer, administrator, policeman, social worker, and financial specialist.

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The Matt Harloff Collection

All 15 of Matt Harloff’s remarkably helpful educational videos are available at ONE lower price.  Purchase the entire collection of 15 videos at one time for 1/2 of the cost of purchasing each individually! Take your group to the next level by increasing your knowledge!  This low price also includes the option to share these videos with your staff.  Videos included:

The Crown Sound
Full Volume
Tuning – Just Intonation
Breathe DAH
The Method of Release
Show Exercises: Unique Skill Sets / Daily Chores / Rhythm-Style
Building Relationships – with Ralph Reiff
Athletic Training – with Ralph Reiff
Inside the Circle: How it All Starts – with Michael Klesch
The Breathing Party
Across the Floors
Playing in Plie’

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Annie Pelka: Beginning Basics Movement Series

COMING SOON!  Movement specialist Annie Pelka guides you through the process of teaching basic moment to your group.  Incredibly valuable information YOU can use.

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